We are homeowners!

We are so fortunate to be living in the cutest little house on Hoosier Street and I want to share this experience with friends and family back home, other first time homebuyers who want opinions/ideas/inspiration , wanderers who may have left their own small town for a big, new world, and for adventurers like myself.

My thoughts after 1 week in:

In the last 7 days I’ve shaken hands with half the town, met 6 neighbors, had 5 people comment about seeing me on the first page of The Berne Witness newspaper (above the fold!), been invited to join 4 churches, driven to the nearest Walmart 3 times (15 minutes is the longest I’ve had to drive to get to a Walmart), taken 2 driving tours of the town, got lost once, and have eaten dinner at my own home zero times.