“How did you end up in Berne?”

I have been asked this question more times than I can count in my first week in Berne, Indiana. How did I end up here? Well it’s a long story. But Jason said let’s move, I said I needed a job, the Chamber had a position, I was selected, and here we are. Yes, that’s right, the Chamber. As in, the Berne Chamber of Commerce where I was hired as the Executive Director.

Let’s rewind.

I first found out about Berne, IN when I rode in with my boyfriend, Jason, on his 2011 Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide for a memorial ride honoring his fallen soldier, Nicholas Taylor. The two deployed together on Jason’s second tour in Afghanistan and quickly became good friends. Jason had attended the ride the previous year but wanted me to join him in hopes of winning over the rest of the Taylor family so I could continue to date him.

The weekend was a whirlwind of emotion and Jason was smitten. The Taylors must have approved because they started convincing us to move to Berne. We headed back to Iowa and remained in constant contact with them until Stephania Taylor, Nick’s mom, notified me that she had found the perfect job for me and that I needed to call THAT DAY about it.

I did, went through the application process, had a phone interview, and heard through the grapevine of a small town that I. Was. In. The only hesitation was that they wanted to meet me in person first. So Jason and I planned another 9-hour trip to Berne (thankfully not on a motorcycle this time) and headed back Labor Day weekend.

After my interview, I was feeling confident (but mostly nervous) and Jason and I met with a realtor who showed us some houses. Stephania went with us and stopped in the center of the street when she saw the house of my dreams on the corner. She quickly called the realtor to see if we could view it and we got right in. After we viewed the house, in all it’s recently remodeled glory but reclaimed quaint charm, we were SOLD. So sold, we started talking to the owner that afternoon about buying it.

I ended up getting the job, the house, and another family so it was a win-win-win!


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