Life’s Watchu Make It

A fun fact about me,  I love entering contests. So when I heard the country station was giving away tickets to see Jake Owen, I called in. The challenge? Give your best dad joke. I HAVE DAD JOKES FOR DAYS! Here’s how it went:

Ring, ring, ring

*busy signal



Ring, ring, ring

*busy signal



(Repeat 24 more times)

Ring, ring, ring

“What’s your best dad joke”?

Me: Why did the mermaid wear seashells?

“I don’t know…why”?

Me: Because the B shells are too small!

“Wow. That’s the best I’ve heard all day”

They called me back half an hour later to tell me I won and told me to watch my email in case I won the VIP experience next week.

I ended up winning the VIP experience and Jason ended up being able to switch shifts. All the stars were aligning. When we pulled up to Parkview Field, we weren’t sure where to park. After driving around for a few minutes, Jason was getting short with me because I was starting to stress out about being late. Someone was watching over us, and we managed to find a single spot just across the street from the stadium. Unbelievable! We walked up to the gate and gave the security guard our names to search on the VIP list. After finding our names, he handed us aqua blue tumblers and sunglasses. The best part? The sunglasses had bottle openers on the ends! We were led down to the front of the stage/the outfield and stopped along the way to pick up our free koozies. Once we got to the stage, they checked out tickets again. We waited around a group of couples asking where the were supposed to sit after the pre-show with Jake Owen. A couple of older ladies overheard the staff telling us where we were supposed to sit after the pre-show and offered us their tickets so they would be able to sit down. We gratefully agreed. When we looked at the tickets, we realized we were going to be front and center!


Jake Owen came out for the pre-show in a pink beach shirt, denim, and barefoot. He was only supposed to sing two songs but sang three or four and answered questions from the VIPs. He was drinking a Mexican beer with lemon juice in it. He spent the night before fishing in British Columbia with Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley. He loves has daughter, talking with fans at the pre-shows, being barefoot, and drinking whiskey.

After the pre-show, Jason and I headed up to the concession stands to grab something to eat before the opening act, Jordan Davis, came on. While standing in line, a man asked Jason if we were a couple and handed him two red wristbands. Jason read them and asked me what time it was. When I told him 6:15pm, we took off running. When I asked him to slow down, he told me he was pretty sure we had just been given Chris Janson meet and greet passes! I was sweaty and trying to stuff my face with chicken strips in mere minutes only to find out that we were going to meet Chris Janson.


Chris Janson was nice and shook my hand. When Jason went up, Chris asked if he was in the military and then thanked him for his service. You could tell he was sincere and that was really cool.


Back at center stage, wine slushie in hand, we listened to Jordan Davis and Chris Janson before an incoming storm put Jake Owen on delay. We stood under the eaves for over an hour before they let us go back down to the center stage. Finally, Jake Owen came out and thanked us for sticking it out to see him. You could tell his set list was cut short but he played all his most popular hits and made everyone feel like they were party of a private party. When “Anywhere With You” started, we looked at each other and knew we were going to have to change our first dance song. This song perfectly represented our life together and we had to have it on our special day.


After the show, we headed to Rally’s and listened to Chris Janson’s album on the way home, blaring and screaming the lyrics the entire way home.

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