Bridal Shower Besties

Wedding season is upon us. Which means, I am one busy bride-to-be. I had back-to-back bridal showers in May for my bestie, Nicole, and my own shower. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we have to plan our trips back home to the max. We were already headed to a wedding on Friday so we decided we should just put my shower in the mix. My family served mimosas, punch, mini donuts, mini cinnamon rolls, fruit, and deviled eggs for my Brunch and Bubbly themed shower. We went with black and gold and had balloons filled with confetti and our game cards even matched. Nicole and I decided long ago that we would do the same color scheme so we could just use the same decorations. Great minds think alike (and think on a budget).

I was so fortunate to have about 35 people at my shower helping me celebrate this new adventure. I was BLESSED to have received so many amazing gifts. We played some fun games and drank plenty of mimosas to start our Saturday off right.

The very next weekend, I was in charge of Nicole’s shower (with a lot of help from her mom; she had the shower at her place, put together all the food and drinks, and put up with my sass). Since this was round two, it went smoothly and we played more games, ate more food (and delicious cake), and got pictures with the sequin backdrop. Nicole had a cute card that she sent out with her invites for recipes that you were to fill out and bring to the shower. That was a really neat idea! If you are in charge of planning a bridal shower anytime soon, I have a few things that might be helpful!

What did he say about his bride?

Who Am I?

Who Knows the Bride Best?

Feel free to use any of these games that I created or contact me to have some created specifically for the special bride-to-be in your life!

I am so lucky to have Nicole to vent with me through the wedding planning process, bounce ideas off of, and use as a timeline template. I can’t wait to help her celebrate her special day July 7!


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