Swiss Trip Packing

Switzerland Trip: Packing

When I found out I was going to get to attend the Berne to Bern Tour for work, I was ecstatic. I spent every night that first week Googling what the weather would be like, how often it would rain, and the average temperatures for late April early May in Switzerland, Austria, and Bavaria.

Then I realized I was out of control as it was eight months until our trip. Now that we’re just about to leave, I wanted to share what I packed and how I tried to save room in my suitcase (for all the shopping and souvenirs I plan on bringing back).

Our trip is 10 days but 2 of those days will be spent mostly in airplanes while the other eight are on the ground. I tried to pack accordingly.


Rain coat – it’s super lightweight, hooded, and still stylish. I really liked that it had pockets that buttoned (in case I did get caught in the rain)

Warm coat – it’s not my regular winter coat (because that one comes down to my knees and is bulky) but it’s still warm enough to wear in snow or chilly day (although I’m hoping we’ll only see snow in the mountains)

Blanket scarf – great thing to have on the plane to use as a pillow or blanket if needed!

Beanie – can cover up day old hair and keep you warm

Tennis shoes – comfortable and stylish for days when you’ll be walking long distances

Booties – I brought my 2 favorite pairs of close-toed booties with a small heel, one in black and one in caramel to wear with any outfit. I especially love the small heel so they look stylish even though they are so comfortable and close-toed so I can wear socks when it’s cold.

1 hair of black high heels – for the nights when we eat at nicer places for dinner. I did make sure they didn’t have a heavy, chunky heel to save some weight in my suitcase. We weren’t required to dress up for our meals but, hey, we’re on vacation and any time I have the chance to dress up, I’m going for it.

Socks/Underwear/Bras – enough for the entire trip

2 pairs of black jeans – can be worn more than one day

1 pair of light denim jeans – can be worn more than one day

1 pair of dark denim jeans – can be worn more than one day

2 pairs of black leggings – can be worn more than one day and are much more comfortable to wear on the plane than jeans

Cardigans – 1 heavy burgundy, one long, light black, and one white

Pajamas – mine consisted of shorts, fuzzy pants, and an oversized tshirt. I brought different lengths of pants in case one hotel was hot and the other was cold.

I was able to keep my clothes pretty organized using packing cubes I bought from Amazon for $10.99!

Engagement ring – I wasn’t comfortable wearing my “real” engagement ring across the pond just in case something bad were to happen but luckily, I have a “spare” that is equally as beautiful that I’m not emotionally attached and invested in to serve exactly this purpose.

Diabetes supplies – I put these in a clear tsa sized travel bag (like a stronger version of a ziplock baggie with a zipper) – I brought 2 of each pen (when I really only needed one), a full thing of test strips, extra lancets for my finger poker, tons of insulin pen tips, and glucose tabs

Berne Flag – this was part of my job, to exchange city flags with the officials in Berne Switzerland so I made sure to bring one business appropriate outfit that was still comfy enough to walk in!

Departure Outfit – Black leggings, solid colored long sleeve shirt, cardigan, blanket scarf, and jacket (probably rain coat as it’s so light and easy to carry through the airport)

Always wear layers to the airport. We were also told in our pre-departure trip meeting to wear layers in the countries because you never know what the weather will be like. The main point of wearing a blanket scarf was to use it as an extra blanket or pillow on the plane!


For my carry-on, I used my favorite backpack with a stylish floral print (thanks Target). We were allowed a carry-on and one personal item but I knew the trip back would have my souvenirs in my carry-on and I would use my backpack as my personal item. That extra tote was stored in my luggage on the way over!

Chargers – iPhone, laptop, and kindle (just the USB portion) along with a power bank.

Adapter – I knew my power bank would last on the way over but I would need to be able to charge it before we headed back home.

Phone, Kindle, Notebook, pen, passport, ID, 1 debit card, 1 credit card, minimal cash,

Gum – My ears always pop!

3-1-1 Baggie

Contacts, solution, lotion, hand sanitizer, face wipes/makeup remover, little perfume, chapstick, and face mist

What’s something you think I should have brought?IMG_0098

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