Moto Trip Packing

Packing. It’s never fun. It’s worse planning for two plus two dirt bikes. Using this article from Packing 101 as a template, I’ve gone ahead and made a list of everything we packed for our first moto trip to Jacksonville, Florida.

*Note: I’m sure there are important things we forgot or camping hacks we didn’t use. Please keep in mind we turned this from a cargo van to a moto van in about 48 hours!

Moto Van Stuff

Twin size mattress – We essentially used this as a couch during the day and at night had one person sleeping on it. This way, we only had to bring one air mattress instead of two which would have taken up a lot more space. I didn’t want to move a bunch of stuff around after riding all day!

USB charger – We used the one that had 2 outlets because there was only one place to put it in the sprinter. I made sure I had a cell phone charger, portable charger, and kindle charger that all had the USB ends.

3 drawer plastic bin – At first, I wasn’t sure what we would put in there but it’s light, gave us vertical storage, and easily movable. We ended up separating them into a cooking, cleaning, and camping drawer.

“Double-wide” 3 drawer plastic bin – We liked the first bin so much, we bought a bigger one and used that to hold all our gear.

A broom and dust pan – this probably wasn’t an essential item but it was nice to be able to sweep out the van between rides and get some of the sand out.

A cloth basket that we kept the bread in so it didn’t get squished

A full size trash can – I highly recommend getting a full size trashcan. We only used one bag the whole trip (as there were bins outside at the tracks) but we did bring extras. I was adamant that the guys threw away all their trash. It really kept everything from looking trashy, no pun intended.

Lots of tie straps and bungee cords. They hold in the bikes, the boxes of supplies, and even the carts/trash can we put in.

Bike Stuff

Jason was in charge of this so I asked him to read me off his list. (Sorry if some things are missing, Jason is notorious for having a bad memory. Luckily he packed them even in he couldn’t remember what he packed.)

dirt bike stands

extra air filters (especially because we were in sand)

chain lube

brake cleaner

tire tubes

extra tear offs

basic mechanic tools


2 stroke mix and gas can

gas can with regular gas

nut and bolt kit

extra helmet

Riding Stuff

1 set of gear for each day per person- Who really wants to wear the same sweaty, crusty, nasty gear two times in a row? Note: make sure you’ve worn it before so you know it’s comfortable and won’t rub.

1 pair of tinted goggles (for sunny days)

1 pair of regular goggles (for cloudy days)



Long socks (multiple pairs)



Armor – neck brace, chest protector, pads if you wear them, leggings (one pair per day)

Towels – Of course we need these for showers but we need to take a lot of extras to wipe dew off the bikes in the morning, wipe mud or dirt off in the afternoon, and wipe ourselves off after sweating!


Regular Stuff

Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, baby wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, extra hair ties (for those with long hair)


Toilet paper – never a bad idea and we did use it!

Diabetic supplies (obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone but if you do take some sort of medication, make sure to pack it!)

Garbage bags – they have multiple uses but I used one to hold the gear/clothes we+ had previously worn.

Busy work – kindle, portable power phone charger, book, headphones, computer charger, cards (I was specifically told I had to learn how to play euchre in 4 days before we got there)

Reusable water bottles – I know you can’t use them as easily as plastic ones but they are better for the environment and sturdier than the ones that end up being all over the campsite (although we did end up buying some plastic bottles)

Dog stuff (especially kennel) – toys, food, bowls, bed, leashes, plastic bags for poop. Chassis’ kennel actually fit under the lofted bed! So convenient and a good space saver!

Camping Stuff

Camping chair (1 per person) – Jason actually forgot these but we found some on sale at a Walmart we stopped at so we got 3 for !6!

Large food cooler filled with ice (things got wet and this will be one area we focus on improving before our next trip)

Smaller drink cooler filled with ice (this was okay because the drinks were sealed and it has wheels so we could move it easier).

Battery powered fan – I can’t sleep without one therefore, Jason can’t sleep without one either.

Extension Cord/Surge Protector – I suggest always bringing at least one of each for some power (if you don’t have a generator) and for safety. It went unused.

TONS of blankets and pillows. I lined the edge of the bed with them against the motovan so I didn’t have to feel the cold metal and they make the bed more comfortable. I wasn’t sure of the temps at night in Florida (or anywhere in between) so I made sure to bring plenty of blankets and we definitely used them!

7ft x 7ft tent

Queen air bed

Sleeping bag mat

Food Stuff

Technically, this is a sub category of camping stuff I think. We knew we would probably eat fast food while traveling but wanted to make sure we had a supply that we could sustain us for 4 days without having to drive into town for more.

1 loaf bread

1 package of deli roast beef

1 package of deli chicken

condiments – ketchup, mustard, mayo

cheese slices

peanut butter


granola bars


cheese sticks


pre-slice green peppers (I sliced them before we left)

veggie dip

hot dogs/buns


plenty of water

energy drinks/pop


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