Elyria, OH – RamJam Sportsplex

I spent my birthday night alone. Before you get too bummed, know that I didn’t mind because I knew I was in for a FUN weekend riding with my best friend. Jason and I packed up our dirt bikes, all our gear, and took a half day so we could get to Elyria before dark.


It was a three and a half hour drive and by the time we got there, we were hungry and unsure about where to stay. We wanted to stay somewhere that we could put the bikes inside but all of those places were a little too sketchy for us. Our next plan was to hold the side door to the hotel open and push them into our room but the handles on the side doors of our hotel were busted off!

After settling on Red Roof Inn (because it was $ compared to Hilton $$$), we drove to to Outback Steakhouse for birthday dinner. I enjoyed a filet mignon and waaaaay too many carbs. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and enjoyed some much needed R&R. It was so nice to spend time with Jason. We don’t get to see very much of each other when Jason works nights.

We didn’t sleep very well Friday night; one of us was up every half hour checking on the bikes to make sure they didn’t get stolen. We got very lucky and don’t plan on doing that again.


Saturday morning, we woke up to our new friend texting us asking to go out for breakfast. We were so excited she had invited us to ride with her for her birthday party. After breakfast, we realized I had not packed enough clothes to keep me warm while riding and made a trip to the mall for another sweatshirt. All that shopping wore us out so we took a little nap until it was time to ride.


The hotel was only about 5 miles from the track so our ride was short. We got there early so we would be ready to ride as soon as the rental time started. I borrowed a bike (with electric start!) from our other new friends and waited for the other people to get ready to ride. I was nervous. I was scared that I would pop the clutch and kill it (like I do on my bike) but as soon as I dropped it into first, I was gone.


My bike wasn’t the only thing going up and down through the whoops; my stomach was sinking to my boots with every drop and rising to my throat each time I stood to jump. My adrenaline had me buzzing to get more seat time. I could tell I was improving with each lap.


We rode for 3 hours and I honestly think I put in more laps than most of the other people there. Of course, I was in first gear and most of them were in second or third so I didn’t have arm pump quite as bad. I was so grateful for the other riders (obviously more experienced than me) who cautioned when they got close to me and were careful in the corners. I was lucky our new friends had such a nice group to ride with. At the end of the night, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and drinks. It was so fun to meet the group our friends ride with and can’t wait to ride again in January!


Check out some of the amazing photos taken by the amazing Brian Davis/CJ Davis MX

Here are some of my handsome and supportive fiancé, Jason


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