Thankful for Thanksgiving

I know you can’t believe everything you read on the internet but it seems like I noticed a lot of people don’t like Thanksgiving because they are forced to hang out with family they don’t really know/like and answer the age old questions, “What are you doing with your life, Laura?” and “So, are you guys going to have kids?” but I’m hear to tell you that I LOVE Thanksgiving.

I am so blessed to have a family that is willing to drive 9 long hours (that feel like 10 with the time change) just to spend a couple of days with me. My mom and I started off Thanksgiving Day by going to the Turkey Tabata workout class at Anytime Fitness. That workout helped us to not feel so guilty about all the calories we would consume the rest of the weekend. After that, we made two, yes TWO, Walmart runs, and then we started on our meal. We all did a little bit in preparing the meal which included THREE rotisserie chickens, mashed potatoes, stuffing, Haley’s world famous deviled eggs, a chocolate mousse trifle, apple pie, 3-6 alcoholic beverages, and an endless supply of chips and dip (AE of course). I asked made everyone say what they were thankful for, say grace, and then we were able to enjoy our beautiful dinner (my new, and only, Thanksgiving tradition).

Our Thanksgiving Meal

After dinner, we played cards and went to bed early. We had a full weekend ahead of us still!

Friday morning, we went to the antique store and thrift shop in town. We picked up some good finds and headed back home to change before I went to work. I know what you’re thinking, WORK on Black Friday? Yes, but it’s a fun little event called Weihnachtsfest (meaning the welcome of the Christmas season in Swiss). We have a hot chocolate bar and free popcorn, kids visit with Santa, and then we send them down Main Street to collect candy and stop in the businesses to see what they are offering for Christmas. The church down Main Street has face painting, ornament making, and a variety of cookies, cocoa and coffee for the families. This was my first event with the Chamber last year and I was able to have my family help with the event both years which makes it really special.

Friday night we went to the Legion and played a few different quarters games until my sister lost and got mad…then we left. We still had Saturday filled with plans and headed to bed.

Saturday morning we spent a good portion of the morning deciding what to do. I wanted to go to SkyZone and burn off some calories and then come home to make the men do some manly projects. Jason and Joel wanted to hang out and drink beer. Mom was indecisive. Haley wanted to do like six different things. Finally, we ended up going shopping in Fort Wayne to snag some leftover Black Friday deals. On our way home, we stopped at the Salvation Army for a couple of good deals and then headed home to do projects (insert evil laugh here). The guys did a great job of changing out my garage lights from small, cheap ones to big, fancy ones that I got for a steal earlier in the year; $5.99 for the pair! Thank you Salvation Army. They also wall mounted our TV and did a couple of other little projects while Haley and I put together a shoe rack.

We finished off the night playing cards and I WON! I never win so I needed to make sure I documented the proof. When we finally went to bed, I was a little sad, knowing my family had to head back home first thing in the morning, but excited because Jason and I had made plans to ride our dirt bikes.

In the morning, I held back tears while my family loaded up the car with wedding things and Black Friday deals to take home. After waving goodbye, we loaded up the bikes and met the sweet gentlemen who said we could ride on his land (only 5 minutes out of town)! We were so excited to finally have a place to be able to ride that didn’t take hours to get to. We rode for about 3 hours before I had arm pump and had to pee.

Overall, it was such a fun-filled night filled with family, food, and good finds. I am so thankful my family is willing to come to Indiana even if I force them to do projects and can’t wait to head home and see them again for Christmas.

What are some Thanksgiving traditions you and your family do or have started as you’ve grown into as an adult?

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