365 at 205


It’s been an entire year since we moved to Indiana. Wow, has it been a year of firsts. We “bought” our first house on land-contract or ‘rent-to-own’ and some people would be embarrassed by that, but I’m not. I like to think about how we started out and where we are now and the differences between the two as a sign of growth. We got our house on land contract and Jason went back to school for 6 more weeks while I started my new job as the Executive Director for the Berne Chamber of Commerce. I spent the first 6 weeks cold (I kept the heat so low in order to keep the bills down and to me, it wasn’t worth heating the house when I was gone most of the day) and well fed (thanks to the Taylor family. I wouldn’t have been able to stay in Berne without them). We hosted our first Thanksgiving. We brought home our first puppy, Chassis. I remember riding in the car with her thinking I would kill her because I couldn’t even keep plants alive. Next we headed back home to Iowa for our first real Christmas together. Jason was nervous because he knew he would never be able to remember all of my family’s names. We rang in our first New Year together by going to bed at 10:30pm. We had our first Airbnb guests. We bought our first grown-up furniture for our house. We went out and watched other people to figure out how to crack crab. We cleaned out our gutters.Β  We had our first kitchen fire. We did a few DIY projects. We had our first bonfire. We made our first friends. We got engaged (read about it here!)


365 days later, we both have a full-time job, a part-time job, Airbnb upstairs, a car that’s half paid off, a 2011 Ram pickup, and a warm home full of love. We’ve gotten a conventional mortgage with the bank and that alone is proof we’ve done something right. To say it’s been easy would be a lie. To say we will slow down is also a lie. We want to continue to work towards our goals and go riding in the summer. I hope you don’t read this and think I’m bragging, I just want to look back on this year and see what goals we set and accomplished as motivation to keep pushing us forward. Here’s to the next 50 years!

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