Mr. & (future) Mrs. Bennett

Jason and I are engaged! Yes, we have already picked a date. Yes, we will get married in Iowa with our friends and family even though we live in Indiana. Yes, we will have another reception for our friends in Indiana who can’t make it to Iowa. Yes, I am having my sister as my Maid of Honor, 3 girlfriends as bridesmaids, and 1 bridesman. Yes, I know that’s not traditional. I don’t want a traditional wedding. I want a wedding that I can look back on in 30 years and still be happy about the choices I made.

Since I love to write, and wanted to show off my new bling, I submitted our proposal to which you can read here. Here are all the pictures from the surprise (and my exact thoughts about each of the amazing pictures our photographer, Morgan, took. You can check out more of her work on Instagram and Facebook)!

You will be able to see all of our wedding details at our wedding website, here.


I am completely unsuspecting


Clearly I am surprised that Jason is down on one knee in front of my entire family!


So excited even though the wind is blowing up my dress and I feel like it’s DEFINITELY going to be on camera.


Wiping away a tear as Jason tells me no matter what he does in life, he wants me by his side. Awwwhhh!


One of my favorites. There is something so classy about black and white and that is 100% candid smile.


Squeezing him in excitement and fighting off tears.


The ring!


Mr. & Mrs. Bennett coming at you September 29, 2018!


This is pure joy.


We look calm but my heart is beating so rapidly (and Jason’s was too).


Another one of my favorites. Plus these are Jason’s “fancy pants” so he’s glad Morgan got a good shot. Ha!


Still can’t believe my whole family knew and was able to keep it a secret!DeMoss-4784.jpg

My little secret planner and Maid of Honor, Haley!

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