Hello? Are You There? It’s Me, Megan

The summer was busy. Life is busy. That’s not excuse for not keeping up with this blog. A lot of amazing adventures happened and even when provoked by Jason, I was just “too busy”. If you’re too busy, you’re not interested. Let me start by apologizing. Now, let me take a minute to fill you in.

In June, I went home for my best friend, Emily’s wedding. It was fun. She was beautiful. It was very her. It featured renaissance inspired tablescapes, 42 CASES of Busch Light, an a vintage feel with a lot of laughs.

That same weekend, my best friend, Nicole, asked me to be her maid of honor next July. Of course, I was thrilled, and can’t wait to celebrate her and Drew’s life together. I can’t wait to give a speech!

July was filled with motorcycles and roommates. We started renting out our home to help bring in a little extra cash while helping out Jason’s friends. Luckily, we were all able to get along (dogs included) and spent many hours working on the motorcycles and lighting stuff on fire in our fire pit.

August was spent doing more with motorcycles and roommates.

September was a great month. In September, we decided to get family pictures taken when Jason and I went back home for a wedding. Before that, I went home for my 5 year class reunion that I somehow got put in charge of planning. There were more people there than I thought. Not very many of the people I thought would go were there. Hopefully our 10 year reunion will be even better. After that weekend, when Jason and I went back home for family pictures, I was in for a surprise. This was the weekend I had been waiting for since I can remember. This was the weekend Jason asked me to marry him, in front of my family, in front of a photographer (smart man). There will be a post designated to this special day and many future posts about wedding planning.






October has flown by. With only a week left in October, we have done a lot of adulting. We closed on our house. We moved in 1 year ago. We had a tiny celebration for our puppy turning 1 year old. We got our puppy spayed (because we’re responsible pet owners). We bought a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. We had 2 weekends of Airbnb guests. We both got part-time jobs on top of our full-time jobs because as a team, we decided to not be poor forever and that we want to go racing together on dirt bikes.

November promises to be just as crazy, busy, and exciting. The second weekend in November, both my grandmas, 2 aunts, 1 cousin, my sister, and mom will meet at my house and then we will head to Indianapolis to go wedding dress shopping. Then only 2 weeks later, my parents and sister will be back for Thanksgiving and Weihnachtsfest. Weihnachtsfest means “the beginning of the Christmas season” in Swiss and is held on the day after Thanksgiving. My family didn’t mind helping out and seeing what I do for work and I love showing them off to the town of Berne. I want to do a little more thanksgiving decorating and can’t wait to get my first paycheck from my part-time job!

December will be all about family and spending time together. Jason and I hardly get to see each other with all the extra work we’re putting in so we plan on taking a mini-vacation for my birthday. We’re thinking Chicago! The week between Christmas and New Year, I am trying to convince the chamber to close so I can spend that time with my family and attend all 5 of the usual family Christmases. I am going to work on getting back to writing because it is my outlet, my safe place. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for our little family!

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