French Lick, IN – French Lick Winery

After a relaxing weekend at a cabin hidden in the trees outside of French Lick, we needed some interaction with people. After googling to find French Lick Winery was only 1.6 miles from our lunch spot, we left without hesitation. Although the winery lacked the wedding venue atmosphere I imagined, I envied the people sipping wine on the patio as well as those sitting for fine Italian meals in the Vintage Cafe. It seats up to 100 people, hosts live music, and dishes out old family recipes.

We weren’t sure what we were supposed to do but all it took was one look at the sample list at the bar to get me started with taking notes. Chris, our funny and passionate server, made sampling easy. She even tried to find a semi-sweet (semi-dry) blend that Jason and I could share. Bad news: Nothing we could agree on. Good news: we each got our own bottle(s).

With over 30 wines to try, we easily spent 2 hours sipping and laughing with Chris, who felt like an old friend. Jason shared his ARMY experience with her after she mentioned she was feeling a little blue that her daughter was a marine and wouldn’t be home that Mother’s Day or the next. Jason tried several Spirits of French Lick and ended up getting a bottle of their vodka (no surprise to anyone who knows Jason).

I am a sweet wine lover; the sweeter the better. My top 3 French Tickle (champagne) French Lick Red, Pretty in Pink. For those who like peach, Just Peachy would have you begging for more.

We were disappointed we had eaten lunch before we came but it gave us an excuse to go back to the Vintage Cafe and try one of everything (and more samples!) French Lick Winery was a great experience and I highly recommend it to people in the area.

French Lick

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