Indianapolis, IN – Monster Energy Supercross


Wow! Every time we go to Indianapolis we come home exhausted. The thing is, there is always something new and different to do. This time, we were lucky enough to attend Monster Energy Supercross at Lucas Oil Stadium. While we spent an astronomical amount of money on our tickets, we made sure to spend lightly while we were there. We stayed with Jason’s friend from the ARMY (which saved us from having to get a hotel; not that we would have been able to find one as it was NCAA weekend, Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, and Supercross all in Indy). We split an Uber ride with Tim and his friends to downtown (which saved us from paying a ridiculous $30 to park). The Uber driver was super nice and dropped us off right in front of the main gate where we waited for 30 minutes to get in. Don’t bring a coat, Jason said. We’ll be fine, Jason said.


Right at noon we rushed up the steps into the huge building and were face to face with a dragster teetering on it’s back wheels. We could also see a boat, several dirt bikes, and Indianapolis Colts gear out in front of us. After snapping a few pictures, we were off to the pits for the Pit Pass Party.


Little did I know, the Pit Pass Party was outside. Before we froze outside, we stopped by a retail vendor booth and picked out our souvenirs. Jason got a Chad Reed (big shocker there) flat bill hat that was gray and blue and I picked out a camo and lime green long sleeve Monster Energy MX jersey. I figured it would keep me a little warmer and I’d be able to wear mine at the track all summer (I love a dual purpose piece!).

We went straight to the Monster Energy booth where I got my picture taken with the Monster Energy Girls. Bonus: there was no line and Jason and I each got a free energy drink. Jason was anxious to see Chad Reed who, we later found out, would be signing autographs at 2:30pm. I was dying to see if Ryan Dungey would be signing autographs so I went and waited in line to see if I could get a ticket to the autograph session. Jason spotted me in line after about 15 minutes and told me to hurry to the tent to take a picture. There was definitely something happening. I caught a glimpse of the team working on the bike and to my right, through the opaque tent window, I saw Ryan Dungey. After waiting in line for almost an hour, it started to move. I could see the tickets were running low and hoped the family of 3 in front of us didn’t take them all. But wouldn’t you know it, people suck. They took EVERY. LAST. TICKET. I won’t lie, I was fighting back tears because I was THIS CLOSE!

Jason and I went straight to Chad Reed’s tent because I’ll be damned if he missed his chance like I missed mine. We waited in line for almost 2 hours and were probably 15 or 20 people back so I knew we would make it. I froze to death the entire time but we managed to make friends with the people behind us until the line finally started moving. He was grinning from ear to ear as he stepped up to get his new Chad Reed hat signed while I took their picture. Then I got to stand next to the handsome Australian while he signed my poster (which Jason already called dibs on for the garage). After that, we went inside to warm up and check out the view from our seats.

The view from our seats was pretty good! It was hard to pick where I wanted to sit just looking at the seating chart online but ended up being pretty happy with our choice. From there we went to grab some food but my feet were still frozen and I begged Jason to carry me. That didn’t happen but I did get a hot dog and nachos so I can’t complain. Plus, I remembered I snuck in a KitKat!


One of the really neat things that Supercross does is promoting the sport for little kids. The little KTM riders apply for each location and get selected based on race results and grades in school. They raced a heat and a main and they were the cutest things! These 7 and 8 year olds were fearless on these huge jumps, and that right there, is why people have babies. These kids got to keep all their gear, Oakley goggles, GoPro cameras, tickets to the race for their whole family, and the experience of a lifetime.


Jason and I got to see our two favorites duke it out in their heat. As the main approached, we got more and more excited. I am proud of Ryan Dungey for finishing second to Tomac (because Tomac has been unstoppable this season). By the end of the night, between screaming and freezing, we were tired when we left but so happy. We got our picture on the big screens and the announcer agreed it was a great date night. We had a blast and can’t wait to go back again next year.




One thought on “Indianapolis, IN – Monster Energy Supercross

  1. FS Page says:

    This must be a really fun experience. Though i see some empty seats in your pics i can feel what it must have been like in that light filled stadium full of dirt and engines revving. Its one of those things one has to experience and i am glad you got the opportunity.


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