Fort Wayne, IN – Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

You know your job is fun when you get to have meetings at Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory! After my meeting in one of their conference rooms, we were free to explore the conservatory before enjoying lunch at the delicious Empyrean Café. Admission to the conservatory is only $5 for adults and $3 for kids. At that rate, some might say it’s a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious deal!


“A Mary Poppins Garden Party” was my first exhibit stop. While it felt like a windy winter day outside, inside Mary Poppins garden party everything was in full bloom! The music playing in the background and the children squealing with delight really made you feel like you were at an amusement park or in a dream! This colorful exhibit will be around until April 2nd.

Every year in the spring, they have a live butterfly exhibit. Some of these butterflies are so special, they require a special permit from the USDA! This year’s summer exhibit is the Blue Man garden (aka Beer Garden from what I heard through the grape vine). For next winter, the exhibit will be “Snow Days’. I’m excited to watch the creativity grow!

My next stop was the Tropical Exhibit. There I saw a chocolate tree and cocoa pods, a coffee tree, sugar cane, a pomegranate tree, and a loquat tree (it’s related to a cumquat tree but the fruit tastes like an apricot).

The last exhibition was the Desert Exhibit. While I didn’t see any tumbleweeds blowing across my path or a coyote howling in the distance like I suspected I might, I still felt like I was in a Kacey Musgraves music video. If you don’t know who Kacey Musgraves is, check her out here. I saw several different kinds of cacti, succulents, and a few desert flowers. The tallest cactus I was the Saguaro Cactus. When this big guy came to Fort Wayne they actually had to block off the street, remove part of the glass roof, and use a crane to drop it in inch by inch. Apparently, it was quite the sight and may never happen again in the city of Fort Wayne.


My final stop was The Garden Gift Shop. They have all kinds of little knick knacks and gifts as well as succulents, herbs, and cacti that you can take home. I loved the vibrant cacti but I kill everything I touch so I didn’t take one home. Soon the smell of the Empyrean Café couldn’t be ignored any longer and I was off for some lunch. I very much needed the colors, smells, and temperatures offered by the conservatory and can’t wait to visit in the spring and summer.

How do you get away from the Indiana winter?

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