Expired Shelf Life

In a house where almost everything is updated before you move in, what is there left for you to DIY or update yourself?

Shelving liner. The shelving liner left in our linen closet may very well have been there since the house was built in the 60’s. The cute little rose pattern would have looked great in a vintage setting but the paper was turning yellow and it didn’t match my modern farmhouse look. The shelf life of this liner was definitely expired. This little project took minimal effort (and minimal cost) and gave our closet a MAJOR update. SPOILER ALERT: I did get frustrated several times when the paper did not lay exactly flat or was off a bit. BUT I SURVIVED. The shelving liner was $4.97 and is currently on sale and can be found here. Here is the old, the bare naked, and the new.


I started by removing the old shelving liner. It was coming up at the edges so it wasn’t that difficult to remove. The most helpful hint I can give is to not peel up (90º angle) but back (180º angle). Then I measured the strange shape where the paper would lay. As you can see, the wider edge was near the front. After about 2 hours the old was gone and the new was in.


Ignore the mismatched towels. It is our first home, after all. Look at that modern linen closet! What are some little DIY projects you’d like to tackle in your house? (Note: I may steal your ideas)


2 thoughts on “Expired Shelf Life

  1. thepurplebug says:

    When I moved into my current apartment the kitchen drawers had this hideous liner in them. It was neon green and orange and super weird and gross. The particle board drawers were worse naked so I had to find something to cover it up. I wanted something cute but I was poor from moving so I settled for tan because it was the cheapest one at walmart.

    It also worked to brighten up under my bathroom sink and cover up the rust in my medicine cabinet.


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