Hosting on AirBNB

Y O U   W E R E N ‘T   B O R N   T O   J U S T   P A Y   B I L L S   A N D   D I E

There is still a screenshot of this on my iPhone somewhere. It really made a statement. Moving IN was created when we moved to Berne, IN in hopes of adventuring and paying bills at the same time. While we plan to spend the winter saving up, we plan to spend every weekend in the summer out on the road, experiencing something unfamiliar. I firmly believe we all want to travel for different reasons. Maybe we want to step outside our comfort zone, meet people with different perspectives, experience a new culture, try a new food, speak a new language. Whatever the case may be, I don’t think we should allow ourselves to be limited by money or time. AirBNB does an EXCELLENT job in making sure you stay on budget.

We were looking to make some extra money and decided to host our place on AirBNB. This amazing website allows people to rent a shared room, private room, or a whole house for a fraction of what staying in a hotel costs. You can read the reviews about the place you’re staying AND read reviews of the travelers asking to rent out a room. Never did I EVER think we’d get a guest but in less than 2 weeks on AirBNB, we had our first reservation pop up. She was traveling across the US from Cali to Washington and was a photographer for a community college in California. She clean, friendly, and quiet. She was respectful and didn’t mind when our puppy jumped up to give her love. She even took our picture and hopes to use it in the future. We were lucky to have such a first guess who was even willing to give us ideas about what other hosts provide. Jason and I look forward to having more guests; we are more interested in making connections and living vicariously through them then taking our money but the money helps!

This post isn’t sponsored, but if you think you may want to use Airbnb to book accommodations in the future, I would love if you would sign up using my referral link HERE. You get $35 in travel credit and so do I! That’s most likely a free night somewhere!

I strongly suggest if you’re interested in meeting new people and making some easy money, become a host for AirBNB. Use my referral link HERE.

I’m interested in hearing where you’re headed/where you’d like to go. Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Hosting on AirBNB

  1. Kels says:

    I love Air bnb! I used it in italy, spain and the netherlands, and my husband and I had our condo up as hosts. I love the community it creates, though it takes a lot of trust to let a stranger stay in your house, lol! I would love to do an air bnb in iceland!


  2. Isi Gonzalez says:

    I’m in the process of buying a house and I definitely have airbnb in mind as I want to have the freedom to travel as much as I can and some extra income will help ! Thanks for this, and I most certainly will come back for your referral link when I’m ready to sign up!



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