Indianapolis, IN – Best Bet

Hello 2017! A hangover only lasts a day, the memories last a lifetime.

Saturday morning we headed to Indianapolis in preparation for a New Year’s party with Jason’s roommate from the ARMY, Tim Watts. He took us to a beautiful suburb in Indy and they fed us a feast for kings! We had shrimp cocktails, pineapple ham, mashed potatoes with cheddar, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, cookies, cake, eggnog, spike eggnog, chocolate cake Jell-O shots, and enough booze for the Russian army. We played several hours of Word Salad, our favorite game; a mix of charades and catchphrase. I highly recommend it. After the game, we gathered around to watch the ball drop. Before the ball dropped, Tim suggested we pick someone we shared a moment with in 2016 out of the group. After the ball dropped we welcomed in 2017 with a champagne toast and Tim promoted us to share a goal for the New Year. After many drinks, memories, and rounds of Word Salad, we had a sober driver take us back to Tim’s.

In the morning, when we all got around, we went for brunch at Best Bet. Best Bet is a casino themed joint that serves breakfast and lunch. Best Bet, also known as Bet, is truly a one-of-a-kind eatery. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with cinnamon and sugar dusted doughnuts. While we waited for a table, I took in the unique scenery and enjoyed a free glass of “Danny’s Hangover Cure: A family recipe”. The TV’s were playing cheesy 80’s music videos and poker games. Inside the tabletops you could see poker chips, cards, and gambling advice. The colorful tiles gave several hungover members of our New Year’s Party vertigo along with their headaches. Once we were seated, we were given menus and unlimited free toast! I have never been to a restaurant where you were given endless amounts of toasted bread! We watched the owner, Danny, play card tricks with the customers who were waiting to be seated. Drew enjoyed some breakfast burritos, Jason had pancakes bigger than his plate, and I had a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on Texas toast with a side of mashed tater tots. They were crunchy and delicious. I’d BET it was the BEST place to start out the new year.

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