3’s A Family

When Jason first talked about moving to Berne, he also talked about getting a dog. He wanted a big, old, drooling, shedding machine, that he could take with him when we went racing. I did not want a dog. I had never owned a dog in my life and wanted to start off with something smaller that didn’t drool or shed or attack me. I was a cautious home owner and didn’t want an animal ruining my brand new carpets!

We compromised and got a dog… Meet Chassis. (like a motorcycle chassis)

Chassis is a golden doodle. She was just 8 weeks old on Christmas Eve and she has been entertaining to say the least! She has so much personality already and I love watching her learn. The best thing about having a puppy: coming home after work to see her tail wag as she gives cuddles and kisses.

Her favorite things:

  • barking at towels
  • sleeping with her reindeer
  • leaves from my ficus tree
  • the sink
  • attacking socks
  • anything peanut butter
  • riding on the console in the car

Here is the least blurry photo of us because we can never all sit nicely at the same time.

Our Family.jpg

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